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Childhood Disorders

Many psychological disorders first diagnosed in children involve physiological and/or genetic components. However, there are many other psychological disorders found in children without any physical causes. Disorders caused by physiological or biological problems are more likely to be identified early in life, but some of these problems are not identified until adulthood.

Mental retardation, learning disorders, communication skills disorders and pervasive developmental disorders (such as autistic disorder) appear to have biological components. Some psychologists specialize in the identification and treatment of these disorders, but they are not frequently encountered in a general psychological practice because of the need for specialized training and treatment. Therefore, they will not be discussed here. Elimination disorders are encountered in general psychological practice, but are typically seen as a symptomatic expression of other psychological problems. They will also not be discussed here. 

Attention-deficit disorder and disruptive behavior disorders are quite common, and treatment is provided by psychologists to both children and parents to assist in managing these problems. Dr. franklin provides treatment for Attention-deficit hyperactive disorders, oppositional disorder and conduct disorders.  These problems will be addressed here. 

Separation anxiety is also described here. This problem is distinct from the other anxiety disorders, because it applies exclusively to children and adolescents. Separation anxiety also occurs frequently after some emotional stress or trauma, such as relocation or divorce, so the problem may also be connected to life stress issues frequently treated in private practice. It also occurs more frequently in children whose mothers have been diagnosed with panic disorder. This may suggest a biological component, or it may suggest that separation anxiety can be a psychosocial byproduct of the panic disorder in the parent. This problem is relatively common, and is usually treated by psychologists after the child has encountered adjustment problems with peers or in school.

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