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Worker's Compensation Evaluations

A person can be physically injured on the job, resulting in partial physical impairment or permanent disability. This physical injury can result in psychological distress, which would also be considered work-related because it arose from the work injury. Additionally, an individual can be judged to have a work-related psychological injury, without any physical injuries, if the job is assessed as being sufficiently stressful, if conditions existed which contributed to a significant increase in emotional distress for the individual, and if the individual is assessed as having developed a psychological disorder as a result of this work-related stress. 

Psychologists complete evaluations to assess emotional harm resulting from work-related stress, and also provide treatment for work-related psychological injuries. Psychologists may be asked to evaluate the individual, or to assess the job situation to determine if it is stressful, or to determine whether there is a causal relationship between the work-related stress and the identified psychological disorder. 

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